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About Us
1. Building Happiness 1 Home at a Time

1 Utah Homes offers a wide selection of new homes in Utah. From townhomes to custom homes, our range of new home communities and floorplan choices offer unparalleled quality and value. At 1 Utah Homes, we build happiness one home at a time. We know just what’s important to you - quality at affordable prices.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make in searching for a new home has nothing to do with bedrooms, bathrooms, or location – but rather choosing the right homebuilder.

2. Choosing the Right Homebuilder

More than anything else, your homebuilder will have the greatest impact on your overall satisfaction. At 1 Utah Homes we know that your home is more than just a place to live; it is a place to grow, laugh, and to establish a lifetime of memories. That is why we commit ourselves to your happiness, not just during the purchase and construction of your home, but for years after you move in. When looking for the builder of your happiness, consider the following about 1 Utah Homes:

3. Integrity

We adhere to moral and ethical prinicples.  We believe in telling the truth and keeping our commitments.  If you choose 1 Utah Homes as your Utah Home Builder, you won't have to worry about keeping us honest, because honesty is what we are all about.

4. Personal Touch

How would you feel if you had one-on-one time with the owner? When you choose 1 Utah Homes, you get just that. The owner, Lynn Bowler, will meet with you at three very critical points of the experience. First, you'll meet before construction begins to ensure that he understands your expectations. Next, you'll meet just before sheet-rocking. This will give you peace of mind that all basic systems have installed correctly. Finally, Lynn will meet with you to ensure your delight before closing. Some call that a final walkthrough to create a final punch list. While some of your friends may get only agents and representatives of the owner, you'll enjoy the personal touch at 1 Utah Homes!

5. Experience

Like a seasoned trail guide, we see around the corner because we have traveled around the corner many, many times. We build your home with years of experience. This allows you to relax and enjoy the process. Building a new home represents a complex process that requires the talents and cooperation of scores of planners, tradesmen, and inspectors. 1 Utah Homes manages this complexity such that you simply watch your home come together as planned. This allows you to immediately begin making a lifetime of happy memories in your new home.

6. Quality

1 Utah Homes stands behind its craftsmanship. Our subcontractors use quality materials when building your home, which maximizes its durability. This allows you to enjoy fine workmanship for years.

Additionally, we install name-brand fixtures and appliances. This dramatically reduces the possibility of costly and worrisome repair calls. It also alleviates the stress of locating replacement parts in future years.

Most importantly, 1 Utah Homes and its suppliers provide a warranty to every home buyer. This assures you years of confidence and protection. You will feel the quality that goes into every 1 Utah Home the moment you step inside.

7. Design

A home should look and feel just right. After all, when you buy a new home, you should get what you want. To make sure that you do, we encourage continual communication to ensure that we know precisely what’s important to you. Every person is unique, so all of our floor plans provide flexibility. This ensures that your home is uniquely yours. You will find great satisfaction in sharing your unique home with family and friends.

8. Convenience

There’s a lot to coordinate when you build a new home. You'll need to choose amongst options and upgrades, as well as arrange for financing, homeowner's insurance, and title and closing services. 1 Utah homes simplifies this process for you and with you. Thus, you simply enjoy the excitement that comes with building your new home.