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During the first year of the warranty period which commences on the closing date of the home and ends on the first anniversary of that same date. Bowler Development, LC warrants that your home will be free from defects in materials or workmanship as defined herein and set forth in section the sections below of this Warranty. DEFECTS IN APPLIANCES, FIXTURES EQUIPMENT AND OTHER MANUFACTURED ITEMS ARE COVERED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY ONLY; THEY ARE NOT COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY.

1. HEATING and COOLING: The heating system should be able to maintain a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit as measured at the thermostat found in the home, on extremely cold days a variance of 10 degrees is acceptable. The cooling system should be able to maintain a temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit as measured at the thermostat. In the case of an extremely hot day a variance of 15 degrees is acceptable. The homeowner is responsible for changing filters and proper maintenance on the equipment.

2. ELECTRICAL: Seller will correct any defective outlets, switches, and fixtures that don’t carry their designated load. Seller is not responsible for damage created by Homeowner overloading the electrical system or using it in an unsafe or otherwise unapproved method.

3. PLUMBING: Seller will correct any defect if it is caused by defective workmanship or materials. The expansion and contraction of pipes caused by water flow is expected. Homeowner is responsible for maintaining suitable temperatures inside of the home to prevent pipes from freezing.

4. STRUCTURE: Structure has been inspected and found to be compliance with the Residential Building Code. Because one of the primary materials used in the structure is wood there will be some expansion and contraction as the material acclimates to a consistent temperature. Floor squeaks or loose subflooring often occur and are caused by the change in conditions; this is not covered under this warranty.

5. CONCRETE and FLATWORK: Concrete cracks are common and should be expected within certain tolerances. Homeowner should minimize spalling and flaking by avoiding use of salt or chemical de-icers. Any concrete cracks greater than ½ inch in width or vertical displacement will be repaired by Seller. Spalled or flaking concrete is not covered by this warranty. Seller is not responsible for color variations.

Homeowner Responsibilities:

If the Homeowner discovers what appears to be a covered defect, which first occurs during the applicable Warranty Period, the Homeowner must send a clear and specific written request at the address listed on the Warranty Certificate (or a changed address) to the Builder identifying the defect and the date of the defects occurrence. Written request of a covered defect must be received by Bowler Development, LC during the applicable Warranty Period.