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Buying Guide

Step 1- Select a home plan and location

Your 1UtahHomes professional will guide you through the home plans and options you have to choose from for your NEW home.

Step 2- Complete a Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC)

Your 1UtahHomes professional will guide you through this process. To secure your new single-family home or townhome, you will be asked to make a deposit of $1,500. This will go towards your new home at closing.

Step 3- Get pre-qualified for your long-term financing

Our preferred lenders know all the options available to help you get your new home financed, with a payment that will work for you. Apply Online Today!

Step 4- Make color selections and decide on upgrades

This is one of the most exciting steps of the process, because this is when you customize your NEW home or townhome to be just what you want.

Step 5- Deliver your construction deposit

Once you finish color selections, we request a deposit of ½ down for your customizations, because no two people have the same tastes.

Step 6- Enjoy watching your dreams come true

We do all the work as you watch your new home builder, 1UtahHomes, build your happiness one step at a time.

Step 7- Schedule and attend a final walk through with the superintendent

This step will help ensure that everything was completed to your satisfaction. Enjoy testing out all of the features of your new home by turning on the lights, playing with the furnace controls, and even turning on the water in the tub. You will also get instructions on how to run your new home/townhome. We will show you how to enjoy your new home and answer all of your questions.

Step 8- Go to the title company with your trusted real-estate professional

This is where you will sign the necessary paperwork to become a new home owner!

Step 9- Close on your loan, get it recorded and move in!

Once your bank funds the loan and pays your new home builder for your home, you can pick up your keys and move into your beautiful new home.