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Thursday, 04 October 2012 13:18

Salt Lake County Success!

Watch this quick video for a quick update on Salt Lake County success.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012 12:30

Home Prices Rising! Buy Now!

Interest rates are at an all-time low.  Also, inventory is low, which is driving home prices up.  Check out this quick video.

Thursday, 26 July 2012 12:35

Housing Market Passes a Huge Milestone

As noted in the Wall Street Journal on July 11th we see Goooooood news for the housing market.  David Wessel writes some important notes of evidence of the turn in the market.  




The housing market has turned—at last.

The U.S. finally has moved beyond attention-grabbing predictions from housing "experts" that housing is bottoming. The numbers are now convincing.

Nearly seven years after the housing bubble burst, most indexes of house prices are bending up. "We finally saw some rising home prices," S&P's David Blitzer said a few weeks ago as he reported the first monthly increase in the slow-moving S&P/Case-Shiller house-price data after seven months of declines.



Wednesday, 13 June 2012 10:51

Community Cleanup

We enjoyed a great Saturday of cleaning the community park right across the street from our Plymouth Homes Community.  We had several people turn out and volunteer their service.  The park looks great, we have a happy community, all is well!  Thanks for all those who came out and volunteered.